Adding a Level
Most homeowners that currently reside in a ranch style home and can manage access to a second floor with ease; find it cost effective to add living space by building up. This can be done simply by removing the existing roof, confirming the support needed by reinforcing existing beams in the basement, committing a modest amount of first floor living space for a stair, or installing a second floor over the existing ceiling. Most of this can take place with minimal disruption to the first floor living space.

Ground Level
A common remodeling practice for gaining additional living space is to build out. Provided that local zoning requirements allow, there can be a fair amount of flexibility in the design process. Building at ground level may add excavation and concrete expenses however the long term benefits to ground level living space far outweigh the cost especially when considering Universal Design. Ground level construction is least disruptive to residents. 

Garages can be built free standing on a property if zoning requirements allow or can be attached to an existing home. The cost difference can be minimal depending on the finished product. We can build just a shell or finish it with sheetrock and paint. Attached garages need fire barriers between the new structure and the living space. A fire barrier is not required for a detached structure. Garages often improve property value and can be completed in a short period of time.    
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