We offer vinyl, wood, fiber cement and cultured stone. Vinyl siding has a lot to offer in the area of color, styles, accessories and is maintenance free. Wood siding can be offered in perfection shingle, shake, clap board, tongue and groove or board and batten styles in cedar which require bi-annual maintenance. Fiber cement siding is a prefinished clap board style that boast low maintenance and can be painted if desired. Cultured stone is sliced pieces of stone that are bonded to wall sheathing and is commonly used as an accent. Siding work can often be completed with little disruption to the residents of the home. When investing in the exterior of a structure, siding has the highest reward in curb appeal.

A secure roof is essential to protect your home. We install asphalt shingles for steep sloped roofs, single ply rubber membrane (EPDM) for low sloped and flat roofs, standing seem sheet metal for decorative roofing, wood shingles for historical applications and slate replica tiles for a dramatic look. When installing a new roof, great care must be given to protect an occupied home and its contents. A large amount of existing roofing products must be removed, hauled away and disposed of. Throughout the job landscaping, siding, windows and lighting fixtures must be protected. A good clean up of the grounds is crucial. Special consideration is given pertaining to access during construction, pets that may be present and of course, the safety of the residents and visitors to the property.

Decking choices include pressure treated lumber, composite decking, cedar and mahogany. Pressure treated lumber is the most affordable and will last more than twenty years under normal conditions. Composite decking is made from recycled plastics and has a clean look. Cedar decking is usually free of knots and has a red hue. Mahogany decking has numerous color variations and is extremely dense. All decking is mechanically attached by screws, coated ring nails or hidden clips. Decks make a great space for outdoor living and can be constructed in a short amount of time.

Windows & Doors
A broad variety of styles are available in wood, vinyl and fiberglass. One type of window is sold for new construction which requires new trim on the interior. The other is a replacement style which is installed into an existing window frame. A quality entry door makes a statement when welcoming guests and offers reassurance when considering security. Relatively easy to install, pre-hung entry doors are the finishing touch to a refinished exterior.

Preventative maintenance is important to maximize the life expectancy of your home. SM Welch can provide annual inspections of the exterior, trim back shrubs and tree limbs, power wash siding, reseal caulking, inspect flashings, repoint brick work and perform cosmetic touch-ups inside and out. Maintenance can be performed as needed or a schedule can be devised.
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