The concept of incorporating design and products to be used by all people to the greatest extent possible, without special consideration, is Universal Design. SM Welch can accomplish this by enlarging an opening to a door, installing grab bars or laying out a floor plan that can accommodate a mobility aid.

Most people do not consider Universal Design with regard to their living space when they are healthy and moving around freely. Only when affected by a sports or job related injury can we appreciate what we have lost. With Universal Design incorporated into every remodeling project, unforeseen mobility setbacks are now planned for. 

Sometimes clients are counted on to care for a loved one unexpectedly. With the proper steps in place, a well planned addition will have the proper blocking behind the walls of a bathroom for future grab rails and door openings would be large enough to allow for a walker, crutches or a wheel chair. Select counters could be set at desktop height and light switches could be made more convenient to operate.

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