No other area in the home reveals a building's age like a kitchen. If properly designed with some attention to detail, a kitchen may be renovated affordably. Emphasis needs to be placed on quality cabinetry, modest appliances and good floor covering choices. The biggest obstacle installing a kitchen is limited use while under construction. With proper planning, good coordination of subcontractors and an accommodating client with patience, these remodels can be the most rewarding. 

Bathrooms are second only to kitchens when it comes to a home looking its age. With every bathroom renovation, Universal Design must be considered.  A bathroom may need to be modified for an aging family member, change in lifestyle or medical condition. Bathroom improvement projects can be as simple as changing fixtures, adding a coat of paint or as lavish as a master bathroom getaway. The customer has a considerable amount of impact on the cost based on their needs and particular style.

One of the most cost effective ways to increase living space is to finish the basement. This, of course, is providing the space stays dry all year long.  Most basements can be finished for half of their property value per square foot.  We offer a mold and algae resistant wall system that is custom tailored to the particular requirements of each home.  Basements make great informal living rooms, play rooms, home offices or spare sleeping quarters for guests. If a need exists for a separate apartment for relatives, a full bathroom with laundry can often be installed. Basement remodeling is usually unobtrusive to daily family routine and can often be completed within a relatively short timeline.

Bonus Rooms
With unfinished second floor space, such as room over a garage or a full height unfinished attic, this area can efficiently be turned into a bonus room. This space could become a media center, game room or overnight accommodation for a guest. Construction access to this area is through the existing living space requiring the upmost care. The exterior work has previously been completed leaving the remaining work to be finished to your personal needs and style. When finished, a well executed bonus room will resemble the rest of the house. 

Dormers may be integrated in a bonus room or attic roofline. They allow for additional headroom and at times additional floor space. The most common types of dormers are shed style dormers and gable dormers. The shed dormer is one flat roofline that ties into the existing roof slope at a different pitch. The gable dormer ties into the existing roof with a perpendicular ridge creating a valley on each side. The framework of the structure dictates which will be more attractive and functional.  Unlike the bonus room, a dormer will allow access to the second floor from the outside during construction.
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